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  • About us

    Vimovigo is a brand of Cructiq AG.

  • What is Vimovigo?

    Vimovigo is a subscription service, which offers you access to unlimited entertainment for all your devices. 

    You can access Vimovigo on all devices, anytime, anywhere.

  • What Will I Find in Vimovigo's Library?

    Vimovigo offers unlimited entertainment including movies, sports, music, software, audiobooks, and games.

    All of this digital content is at your fingertips!

    Curious what you can find inside Vimovigo? You can have a sneak preview by signing up for a trial here.

  • Vimovigo Plans & Availability

    STANDARD PLAN - Monthly Access

    This plan costs  $34.95 per month. Customers will have unlimited access to all content.
    We are offering a 5-day free trial for you to experience everything Vimovigo has to offer.
    4 devices can be used at the same time.

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